Friday, April 15, 2011

Parents: Where can I get books...and more

Lots of parents are terrific, looking to form good relationships with people in their children's lives. And then, there are these...

Me: I'm afraid he'll have to stay in for recess to finish this work since he spent classtime doing nothing.
Outraged Parent: But Recess is his FAVORITE time of day. You can't do that.

Me: Your daughter flooded the bathroom along with a child from another class.
Outraged Parent: Why did you let her go to the bathroom with the child from another class?

Me: Your daughter tried to convince another girl to give her money "or else".
Outraged Parent: There are a lot of bad influences in your school.

Me: Is your son reading everyday? It's really important and it's clear this isn't happening.
Confused Parent: No, where can I get some books?
Me: Library or book store, or he can borrow them from the classroom.
Confused Parent: He can read the news scrolls at the bottom of the TV.

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