Friday, April 15, 2011

Cauldron of Crazies

Teachers, especially those who spend their days with young children, have a great deal of power. We arrange seats, lessons, little lives. We get to tell kids when they can pee or drink or speak.

So much of teaching is about crowd control, about making sure nothing goes wrong. Move along, little fella.....don't talk in the hallway....raise your hand....speak clearly....practice your math facts....find your "voice" in writing. The list, oh that list of skills, is endless. The ways we can control little lives are many.

Now take those very same teachers and put them with a group of adults and adults who share the same job. A group of control freaks who are used to bossing other people around. Visit a teacher's staff room and you'll find the control freaks with personality disorders, mood fluctuations, self-esteem issues. Throw in a full moon, and it's the ingredients for a cauldron of crazies at each other's throats. If you're a teacher, you probably have the scars to prove you know what I mean.

Let us know if you have the scars to prove it.

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